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Welcome to the exclusive world of ZIMA residential real estate! Discover new high-quality construction projects in the Alpine region from eastern Switzerland to Munich: Innsbruck, Kitzbühel, Bolzano, Vienna and more. Our experience guarantees both a home and investment in the future – be it city life, peace and quiet or student housing.

Our condominiums and investor apartments are a safe investment, add value and are sustainably designed. State-of-the-art technologies create living space that meets current needs and future challenges. Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities and discover our unique selection of properties.

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The Munich Metropolitan Region delights with a unique combination of cultural diversity, economic dynamism and picturesque landscapes. Its rich cultural heritage, renowned educational institutions and thriving economy create a vibrant atmosphere, while the surrounding Alps and lakes provide unparalleled recreational opportunities. The high quality of life and balance between urban living and natural beauty make the region an attractive place to live for locals and incomers alike.

Prime Living

Vienna, the livable capital of Austria, fascinates with a unique blend of cultural richness, historical splendour and modern lifestyle. The city offers a high quality of life thanks to top-class educational institutions, excellent health care and a diverse cultural scene. The successful combination of urban vibrancy and an abundance of green spaces ensures Vienna is an attractive place to live for both locals and international residents.

Prime Living

Discover exclusive properties in prime locations with outstanding infrastructure in the charming university city of Innsbruck. Your dream apartment awaits you – an ideal investment for your future career or university education. Why rent when you can buy? Our high-quality condominiums offer long-lasting independence and all the advantages of having your own property. Shape your future without the uncertainty of renting. As a property developer, we guarantee transparency and first-class quality. Secure your perfect apartment today and invest in a lifelong perspective.

ZIMA References Munich

Project: Alter Posthof, Tegernsee (D)
Scope: 3 buildings | 15 residential units
Planning: Homuth & Partner
Project volume: EUR 10 Mio.
Completion: 2016
Project: LAO – Leben am Ostpark, München-Perlach (D)
Scope: 138 residential units
Planning: KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten
Project volume: EUR 58 Mio.
Completion : 2015
Project: LUX Living, Pullach (D)
Scope: 1 building | 8 residential units
Planning: Mönnich Architekten
Project volume: EUR 7,4 Mio.
Completion : 2016
Project: Römertor, Gersthofen (D)
Scope: 8 buildings | 224 residential and commercial units
Planning: Schulze Architekten GmbH
Project volume: EUR 72,7 Mio.
Completion : 2020
Project: DASGOETHE, München-Ludwigsvorstadt (D)
Scope: 2 buildings| 104 residential and commercial units
Planning: WEP Effinger Partner Architekten BDA
Project volume: EUR 69,9 Mio.
Completion: 2020

ZIMA References Vorarlberg

Project: Am Dorfbach, Hard (A)
Scope: 6 buildings | 98 residential and commercial units
Planning: Gohm & Hiessberger
Project volume: EUR 35 Mio.
2015: 2017
Project: Am Schlosshang, Feldkirch (A)
Scope: 6 buildings | 62 residential units
Planning: Johannes Kaufmann Architektur
Project volume: EUR 23,1 Mio.
Completion : 2020
Project: Blattur II, Götzis (A)
Scope: 2 buildings | 16 residential units
Planning: Matthias Wehinger MSC ARCH ZT
Project volume: EUR 6,7 Mio.
Completion : 2021
Project: Mühlebach, Dornbirn (A)
Scope: 3 buildings | 20 residential units
Planning: Philipp Berktold Architekten ZT GmbH
Project volume: EUR 10,2 Mio.
Completion : 2022
Project: Watzenegg, Dornbirn (A)
Scope: 2 buildings | 12 residential units
Planning: Johannes Kaufmann Architektur
Project volume: EUR 5,6 Mio.
Completion : 2020
Project: Rappenwald, Feldkirch (A)
Scope: 2 buildings | 8 residential units
Planning: Gohm & Hiessberger
Project volume: EUR 3,3 Mio.
Completion : 2017
Project: Lehrer-Köchle-Weg, Feldkirch (A)
Scope: 2 buildings / 15 residential units
Planning: Walser + Werle Architekten ZT GmbH
Project volume: EUR 6,5 Mio.
Completion : 2020

ZIMA References Tirol

Project: Leben am Sonnenhang, Innsbruck (A)
Scope: 4 buildings | 141 residential units
Planning: Architekturwerkstatt din a4 ZT GmbH
Project volume: EUR 41 Mio.
Completion : 2013
Project: Minkuswiese, Schwaz (A)
Scope: 8 buildings | 71 residential units
Planning: Architekten Scharfetter-Rier
Project volume: EUR 26,8 Mio.
Completion : 2020
Project: Wohnhaus am Pirchanger, Schwaz (A)
Scope: 1 building | 10 residential units
Planning: Architekt DI Thomas Zöhrer
Project volume: EUR 4,4 Mio.
Completion : 2021
Project: Panorama Residenzen, Aldrans (A)
Scope: 3 structures | 15 residential units
Planning: ZIMA / Umfeld / DINA4
Project volume: EUR 6,6 Mio.
Completion : 2015

ZIMA References Vienna

Project: Kirschblüte, Wien-Donaustadt (A)
Scope: 1 buildings | 126 residential units
Planning: Huss Hawlik Architekten GmbH ZT
Project volume: EUR 30 Mio.
Completion : 2021
Project: Kirschblüte, Wien-Donaustadt (A)
Scope: 2 buildings | 244 residential units
Planning: Huss Hawlik Architekten GmbH ZT
Project volume: EUR 85,5 Mio.
Completion : 2021

ZIMA References Switzerland

Project: Poststrasse, Staad (CH)
Scope: 1 building / 12 residential units
Planning: Göldi + Eggenberger AG
Project volume: CHF 8,3 Mio.
Completion : 2019
Project: Über dem Messligfeld, Sennwald (CH)
Scope: 2 buildings | 16 residential units
Planning: Cristuzzi Architektur AG
Project volume: CHF 8.5 Mio.
Completion : 2017

ZIMA References Bolzano

Project: Am Kirchweg, Pfalzen (IT)
Scope: 1 building / 10 residential units
Planning: Architekt Gamper
Project volume: EUR 2,9 Mio.
Completion : 2022
Project: Andreas-Hofer-Straße, Meran (IT)
Scope: 1 building / 18 residential units
Planning: Condotta Alessio Architekten
Project volume: EUR 6,0 Mio.
Completion : 2019
Project: City Residence, Bruneck (IT)
Scope: 2 buildings / 30 units
Planning: Gozzi Meinhard
Project volume: EUR 10,1 Mio.
Completion : 2019
Project: Kösslerhof, Terlan (IT)
Scope: 1 building | 13 residential units
Planning: Freissinger – Elzenbaumer
Project volume: EUR 4,0 Mio.
Completion : 2016
“Our over 50 years of experience not only guarantees purchasers a special home but also an investment in the future that will hold its value.”
Alexander Nußbaumer
CEO, owner of the ZIMA Group
Alexander Nußbaumer
CEO, owner of the ZIMA Group
Protection against inflation through indexed rents
Pension and retirement funded with rental income
Long-term real value growth

Residential property is still a safe haven for your capital. That’s why now is the right time to invest: a real estate investment protects assets against high inflation as rents are linked to inflation. Besides the annual return generated by rental income, investors benefit from the long-term increase in value of the property itself.

Real estate remains
a safe investment

Inflation is currently rising at an alarming rate. There is also a risk that this phase will continue over the long term and that the current wave of inflation will only subside slowly. Above all in stormy economic times it is therefore important to safeguard assets in good time and in a prudent manner. What is known as “concrete gold” is more than ever proving to be a crisis-proof form of investment in this context. ZIMA residential real estate offers both condominiums and investors a stable, profitable and sustainable opportunity to invest their capital, and to do so with an eye to the future.